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Nanjing Zhongzhixin Network Science&Technology Co., Ltd.,is a comprehensive facilitator of "China ChemMade" and "Global ChemMade", responsible for investment, construction, operation and management. It is also developers and suppliers of informatization management software for chemical enterprises.

Focuse on chemical information service. Create commercial value for various chemical enterprises in industry chains, enhance corporate image, promote operation efficiency.

Provide the most professional and thorough solutions for chemical enterprise informationalization in construction, management and promotion.

Concentration: Concentrate services on each chemical enterprises, help to create more values. Absorption: Absorbed in chemical industry information service, cohesion team power, persistence. Faith: Faith is the source of power, continuously power driven us to success.
· "China ChemMade" operation
· "Global ChemMade" operation
· Network development and service
· Software development and service
Adhering to "Concentration, Absorption, Faith", the company has efficient, professional and dedicated team. In this team, there are development engineers and service engineers who have many experiences in IT industry....
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